Women Can Do Anything…. 10 Of The Most Deadly Female Crime Bosses

Claudia Ochoa Felix

10 Most Dangerous Gangsters in the World - Claudia-Ochoa-Felix



Claudia Ochoa Felix is known as the “Kim Kardashian of Organized Crime” due to her pouty selfie she posted on Instagram. In 2014 reports came out that Felix was the newly installed head of the Mexico based gangsters, Los Antrax, responsible for hundreds of vicious murders.

The CIA rates this gang as one of the world’s most dangerous drug trafficking groups, because they are made up of former hit men. Felix became boss after her former boyfriend was arrested and imprisoned for murdering three men by hanging them from a bridge.

While Felix likes people to think of her as the devoted mother of three from her beloved former husband, not many such mothers have a custom made AK 47 and abundant finances.