Women Can Do Anything…. 10 Of The Most Deadly Female Crime Bosses

This list of 10 mob boss women have made their way into what was once a boys only zone. While many people have heard of Bonnie Parker, but the women gangsters of today could make hardened men of the past quake in their boots. Crime does have a way of catching up with a person, however, and most of these lady gangsters have been brought to justice and are now serving time.

These ladies prove that women gangsters should not be overlooked. They can break the law and get rich doing it, and some are not even afraid to kill, in order to get what they want.

Sandra Ávila Beltrán



Sandra Aliva Beltran, born 1960, has been given the nickname of “Queen of the Pacific” by heading a large drug cartel in Mexico. She was twice married to police officers who became drug lords themselves. Both were finally murdered by hit-men. Beltran was good at hiding the evidence and avoiding arrest until 2002. In that year her son was kidnapped for a ransom of $5 million dollars. When her son was released, police started looking more closely at the case.

In 2007, she racked up charges for drug trafficking crimes. While some charges where dropped, charges of possession of money laundering and illegal weapons possession stuck. During her trial, she portrayed herself as a simple dress seller. She is in prison today.