J.Lo’s 12 Secrets to Looking Hot at 45

Have you ever wondered why Jenny from the Block still has that rocking body and beauty despite her age? Jennifer Lopez or famously known as J.Lo is still oozing with sex appeal. Now at 44, J.Lo still looks every bit of the glamorous “It Girl” we’ve known her to be. For those of you who are still wondering, here are the top 12 secrets of J.Lo to looking piping hot at 45:

Get Enough Sleep!

1.Get enough sleep - exercise - beauty tips - weight loss - workout - fat burning - look younger

This might probably be the beauty secret that most women forgo. Never underestimate the power of sleep as it helps you recuperate from fatigue and stress. Being the girl who’s always on the go, J.Lo knows the importance of getting some Zs so she dozes off to dream land for at least 8 hours a night. J.Lo was once quoted in OK! Magazine saying “Sleep is my weapon.”