Incredibly Cool RVs For The Super Privileged Campers

There are essentially two types of RV’s available, ones with an engine, (what most people call a motor home), and those without, or a trailer. If you like to travel in style these are the RVs you definitely want to travel in. Who cares what the RV park looks like, being in one of these will make parking in a Walmart parking lot luxurious.

Now check out these spectacularly awesome RVs, some of which you could buy several houses for the amount of money they cost.

1. Vario Perfect Platinum

This RV is made by the German company VARIOmobil. Even though the website where these RV’s are sold isn’t the best, the RV’s are pretty amazing. Of all the RV’s on the website, this one is the nicest. This RV is so large, that you could fit a small car inside.
Vario Perfect Platinum RV

Vario Perfect Platinum RV

Vario Perfect Platinum RV


The seating in the RV is all leather. To give it an elegant look, the interior is made of cherry wood. It contains a king sized bed, two LED screen TV’s, a microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, and a rain shower. Although the website does not list the cost of the VARIO PP, you can be sure that it is very expensive.

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