The Incredible Story of the Real Human Barbie

Barbie came onto the world scene on March 9, 1958. Weighing 49 kg and standing on legs that were pencil thin that created an illusion 5′ 9″ body that seems never-ending. Barbie had porcelain skin and a chiseled silhouette creating the hourglass figure with her hips to waist ratio and a sparkle in her eyes.

Her perfection extended to her wardrobe, which kept improving over the years with sunglasses shaped like pink hearts and an array of cute clothes. Although, virtually every little girl loves creating a world full of fantasy with this perfect doll, someone like Valeria Lukyanova take these ideas to an extreme later in their life; even transforming herself into the human Barbie. Keep reading to find out exactly how for Lukyanova went.

1. A Little Doll

Valery and Irina Lukyanova’s daughter Valeria came into the world in 1985. They tried to give her as normal an upbringing as possible, at least as normal as they could in Tiraspol, Moldova their hometown and at that time, it was part of the Soviet Union.

Her mother was in the military, while her father was a builder during the day and a DJ at night. With big doll-like eyes and her long blonde hair, everyone was attracted to Lukyanova’s beauty. However, they didn’t know the extent to which she would internalize the word “beauty” and how it would impact her life as she got older.