From Flab to Fab: 15 Celebrities Who Decided it Was Time to Lose Weight & Look Hot Again!

Unlike us, celebs are very careful of everything they do as well as what they say. To an extent no one can control how someone else sees you now and you cannot change how you looked in the past. Anyone who was chubby as a kid knows what it was like to deal with bullies.

Kids can be mean, however, the press is worse, celebs know just how mean they really can be. Many celebrities have done what it takes to change from being chubby to having a fit and trim body. However, there are celebrities who are curvy and show us that nobody is perfect because in all reality it is how we perceive ourselves.

Here are fifteen celebrities that we can all learn a few things from.

Saved By The Bell

Dieting - Tara Reid Weight Loss


It appears that Tara Reid has always dealt with her weight. Despite the few extra pounds she had as a kid, she still was pretty cute. It seems once she started her career in romantic comedies her extra pounds disappeared and turned out to be actually really hot!

Also, Tara became famous for struggling with her weight. Tara continues yo-yo dieting and currently extremely skinny once again.