Fast Food You Should Never Order According to Staff

We get how lazy you feel most of the time so if you have Dominoes on speed dial we’re not judging. But next time you’re craving fast food that only mono sodium glutamate can satisfy, you might want to read this and heed our warnings.

Petrol Station Slurpees

slurpee high in sugar and calories - fat gain - weight loss

Ohh, tastes yummy indeed! But did you know that the inside of the machines are hard to clean? Thus, they are often filled with nothing but frozen sugar. Yikes! That’s more calories than you’d ever expected. A slurpee can contain as much as 50 grams of sugar.

KFC BBQ Sandwiches

Fast Food You Should Never Eat - Fat Gain - Weight Loss

Pulled chicken? Hmm, think again. First, let me break it to you that no such thing exists. Chicken isn’t a meat that goes through the process of pulling-it’s not fatty and stringy like pork. You know what’s real? It is soaked in a highly concentrated sugary juice and left for awhile, a little bit more maybe.