Drinking Tequila Helps You Lose Weight, According To Scientists

Wow, who would have thought doing tequila shots was actually good for you? According to research conducted during 2014, ACS discovered the plant responsible for the creation of tequila contains sugars powerful enough to lower a person’s glucose level. Such a phenomenon is very helpful for people possessing weight problems or Type II diabetes. Known as agavins, the sugars contained in agave act like dietary fiber. As such, once the body initiates the digestive process, there is no increase in blood glucose. However, consumers need to be aware of how agave syrup acts differently than agavins. When these compounds are used in this manner, the chemical composition starts to resemble corn syrup.

“We have discovered agavins greatly increase how much insulin the body metabolizes,” Mercedes Lopez summarized. Also one of the researchers of the AGS study, Lopez had more to add. “Considering the low cost associated with agavins and their little known complications, these sugars appear to be one of the best solution for helping people. While there are folks unable to tolerate agravins, for the average person, these sugars guarantee healthier and more efficient digestion.”

Since the 2014 AGS study, scientists have continued to analyze the benefits offered by agavins. During a typical experiment, lab rats are fed the sugars with a normal serving of water. A second sample of rats are not fed the agavins. Most of the time, the rats with agavins gain the same advantages as humans: lower glucose levels and decreased desire for food. The magic behind these results can be seen in GLP-1, a hormone the body uses to naturally control blood sugar. Granted, try not to let this news make you drunk, but one or two occasional shots of tequila may offer a substantial benefit to your health.