Famous Celebrities And Their Star Kids At The Same Age

Goldie Hawn – Kate Hudson (25 Years Old)

Well, it is not really surprising that the gorgeous Goldie Hawn would make beautiful babies back in the day – for example, Kate Hudson. The highly awarded Hawn became very famous after she was featured on Good Morning World, a CBS comedy.

She has kept her star status for more than thirty years already and has appeared in numerous films. Although Hawn is now facing the issues of aging, her daughter, actress Kate Hudson, did well by inheriting both the gorgeous looks and stellar talent of her mother.

Hudson has followed in Hawn’s footsteps and has become an actress renowned internationally. Someone has recorded Hawn saying that she does not want to make a film with her daughter. Nevertheless, taking their mutual funds into account, it is not difficult to understand how they can reject juicy offers without really caring.