Age Is Only A Number – Famous Marriages With BIG Age Gaps

Donald Trump


With the amount of vanity that Trump has going on in his life, it is only natural for him to trade out the old car for a newer, flashier one.  His current wife, Melania Trump, is 45 while Trump is 65.  The pair has been married since 2005.  It’s no surprise that Melania is beautiful; she is Slovene-American.

She works as a jewelry and watch designer.  During her younger days, she worked as a model.  It’s surprising that she is not featured more in the news these days.  With Donald making a great run at president, she has the potential to become America’s First Lady.  There’s no doubt, she has the potential to become the hottest First Lady in American history.  That may make some people uncomfortable, since she is not of American descent.  In 2006, she did become a naturalized American citizen.  During the same year, they had their first child together, Barron William Trump.