7 Weirdest Foods That Help You Lose Weight

For several years people have been beating themselves up with endless weight loss diets to reach that ideal body shape. Despite the traditional dieting food options available, there are some who’ve resorted to some very strange food items, like kangaroo meat or fruit purees. There are a few others who have taken their desperation to all new heights by consuming cotton balls and tapeworm eggs…YUCK!

There’s one thing for sure: a weight loss regimen isn’t safe if it doesn’t involve a balanced and healthy diet and exercise. This is certainly true for people who are deprived of vital nutrients right at the onset. From cabbage soup diets to the Master Cleanse diet, there are some even stranger food items you can eat to quickly lose weight. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest food choices people make when trying to lose weight.

Kangaroo Meat


Called Kangatarianism, this diet is completely based on kangaroo meat consumption. Besides kangaroo meat, there’s no other meat involved, making this non-veg diet one of the most eco-friendly options available. Many Australians are often seen resorting to Kangatarianism for achieving their fitness objectives. According to some, kangaroo meat is rich in proteins and very light on calories. In fact, there are some who claim kangaroo meat taste is better than chicken. A few others claim kangaroos, when compared to cattle, are less cataclysmic and produce considerably lower greenhouse gas levels, making them a better option than cows or pigs. Irrespective of the reasons behind Aussies consuming kangaroo meat, it is certainly clear that the meat is a much better option in comparison to pork, at least in the fat department.