30 Times Kate Middleton Showed Off A Little Too Much Fashion

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has gained great popularity due largely to being married to Prince William, the second in line to the English throne. The Duchess is known for her modern approach to the role, and yet maintains a wonderful sense of style and dignity as expected from the British aristocracy. How ever with the abundance of cameras these days, she has not been able to get an insurance policy against being caught out every so often. Without further ado, here is a wonderful selection of great moments when Catherine showed off more than she should have.

In the taxi cab, London


We know that you have pearly white teeth and undoubtedly have found a fantastic dentist, so now it’s time to close that mouth since it’s unnecessary and un-princess like….

Visiting Australia in April this year


Source: perezhilton.com

Those amazingly long legs of Kate couldn’t just contain themselves as she left the royal private jet. Ooh la la!