3 Reasons Why You Need to Workout in a Group

In recent times, it seems almost everyone is getting involved in group exercises. Whether you look in a park, gym or in a studio, you will find people exercising in groups run by certified instructors.  There’s everything from Running Clubs to Boot Camp classes.

So why exactly are so many people keen to exercise in a group environment?

Whether you are jogging around the park with friends, or doing boot camp with compete strangers, here are the main reasons why people choose to exercise in a group:



Unless you are the type of person who can set the mind and the body to work out religiously, can force yourself to get out of bed on your 5 am alarm without asking for another 5 minutes or putting your alarm in snooze, and who is able to hit the ground  running, odds are that getting motivated and staying motivated are two difficult things for almost everyone. Thinking about it and getting excited about working out is easy, but the execution of it all has always been the enemy and the hardest part.

You are not alone as the majorities have had the same problem. And this is one of the great things about exercising with a group. Almost everyone who attends a class will show up exhausted from the ups and downs of everyday life. Just knowing this fact that many people like you are still able to attend a class, wake up and exercise in the morning despite the stress and problems, this gives you the impression that “if they can do it, I can to!”

In addition, people who usually come to class still looking worn-out from yesterday and haven’t had any good sleep, once they join the group they become re-energized. With a friendly fitness instructor to wake you up and light up your day with some good music to exercise with in the morning, it can’t get any better.

Not only are you encouraged to get out of bed and exercise, but there’s a motivation to develop your current fitness level. Basically, with a group setting you all share one goal and once you see people faster, stronger or fitter than you, you will have an inspiration and want to be like them, so you’ll end up working hard and participating 100% to be fit like them and be an inspiration to others as well.


Remember when you were in middle school that your Mum still needs to wake you up in the morning for you to get up and get dressed for school and be able to catch the school bus? She was holding you accountable. If you were anything like that in your younger years, you probably wouldn’t have made it to the stage and graduated on time without her wake-up calls. The point of human alarm clocks that won’t stop ’til you get your ass out of bed is that a workout group can do the same things for your exercise routine. It’s like being in a class once again where you make friends and tell them “see you tomorrow!” And with this, you are actually pressured to show up as you don’t want to get teased when you miss a session. This method actually works to push people and get them out of bed.

In addition to this, you have a friendly instructor who actually keeps track of your attendance and if you haven’t been punctual, he/she can order you or threaten you in a good way to do sets of squats, push-ups, leg-ups or sit-ups to serve as your punishment. And this technique normally does the trick to make everyone participate and be in class on time.

Group Camaraderie

Human beings love socializing and the majority prefers to work around people and be surrounded with people to make the usual boring exercise fun and exciting. When you hear some laughs and good jokes in the group, that keeps everyone closer together and it actually decreases misery and physical suffering.

Also, being in group and in a class, it’s not all about exercising. It’s also about making friends and enjoying each other’s company while getting into the best shape possible. More importantly, you start to have a good relationship with yourself and know the importance of being fit and being healthy.

Usually, workout groups also have sports day wherein they have to do races and events together or just participate in activities that needs some strength and action.

All in all, joining a workout group can keep you motivated, hold you accountable and help you develop and build a sense of camaraderie within the group. And just by having an instructor around you who looks after you and pushes you even more whether you like or not, simply makes group workouts to be a successful means to encourage people and promote a healthy lifestyle.