20 Washed Up Celebrities Worth More Than You!

When it comes to celebrities, everyone knows you rarely make it big and when you do it’s usually short lived. We’re going to take a look at some one-hit wonders that hit it really big and then fizzled out into obscurity. You’ll be surprised out how much some of these stars are worth. One is worth as much as $300 million! Now, that’s some serious money from one big hit.

Lindsay Lohan ($500,000)

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The once gorgeous Lindsay Lohan is now more infamously known for her substance abuse problems and insane shenanigans than her early movie roles that stole Americans’ hearts. It all started when she was just a cute little kid in The Parent Trap. Then she grew up and started to turn men’s heads in Mean Girls.

A few DUIs later, she started looking more like someone you’d see begging the guys standing around in shady neighborhoods for a hit. When she showed up on the red carpet with a mouthful of rotten, yellow teeth, people thought they’d seen the last of her, but she came back with a whole new set of white teeth. Currently, she is hanging on by a thread after throwing her entire career away. If she doesn’t do something soon, she could easily fall into the negative in no time flat.