20 Hot Hollywood Stars Who Were Cruelly Skinny Shamed

Miley Cyrus

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Back during her Hannah Montana days, Miley looked a whole lot different. She had more of the girl-next-door look with perfect everything. It’s sad to see her chop off her gorgeous hair and shed pounds off her once-great body. A lot of haters say she has the frame of a boy now and the same haircut as Bieber. Miley is a free spirit though and doesn’t let any of the hate go to her head. She believes, “Nobody’s perfect,” and she’s 100% correct.

The haters can talk all they want, but Miley still scored one of the biggest hunks in Hollywood, Liam Hemsworth. Most of the haters are probably just jealous they’re not waking up next to Liam in the morning. If there is one thing she deserves props for, it’s not taking the silicone route. She is proud of being herself, and that’s all that matters. Cyrus is also one of the most popular recording artists in the world, so haters are probably the last thing on her mind.