19 Foods that Detox Your Body & Mind

The mind and the body have a real connection, in how your body responds to functions relating to the brain and your healthy state of mind. Keeping the body free of free radicals, toxins, and other bad elements is essential to enjoying a healthy life. A majority of the detox foods start the purification process from the liver, and resurrecting its full potential can benefit the whole body tremendously.


Artichokes assist with optimal liver functioning, which helps the body expel toxins out and other unnecessary things. It enhances the liver’s bile production, and since bile assists with breaking down food material and helps the body utilize the nutrients within, a bile production increase is generally a positive outcome.

Besides the positive implications on liver, artichokes is also replete with protein, fiber, folate, magnesium and potassium. It’s basically the perfect food to stay healthy, in shape and live a happier life.



Despite being extremely tasty, asparagus is a great detox food. In addition to the body detoxification traits, the plant helps postpone aging, is anti-cancer, good for the heart, and is anti-inflammatory.

It also assists with liver drainage. Though this sounds bad, anything backing up the drainage is not good, since the liver filters out toxic substances from food and drinks.