19 Celebs Who Totally Changed Their Look in 2016

Who ever said that keeping your star shining in Hollywood’s tinseltown is all too easy? We all know that to keep up with the competition, celebrities must undergo some magical transformations both on and off-screen.

We’ve put this list of celebs who totally changed their look in 2015. We can’t help but notice these amazing celebrity makeovers!

Whether it’s preparation for an up-coming role, because of a stingy break-up, or just want a change, celebs are very well known for their ability and money to transform themselves within a split second (or in a few months) with the help of a reliable trainer or team of stylists. They’re also known for releasing their new sexy looks via Instagram (yes, we’re talking about you J. Lo and Adam Levine).

Melissa McCarthy

weight loss

Oh dear Melissa obviously shed some extra pounds after the debut of her movie Tammy and you can see the difference in these before and after photos. The actress also launched her own clothing line this year, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, which features clothes in all sizes from 4 through 28.

Source: Refinery 29