12 Epic Celebrity Makeup Fails

Celebrities might have the doe and the looks, but getting constantly followed around by paparazzi must get old real fast. We all know celebrities are constantly on the hot seat because of this. These wonderful paparazzi are the best at catching celebrities in their worst moments, and that’s when we come in to get our laughs. Let’s dive right into the most epic celebrity makeup fails of all time and explore their not so Cover Girl moments.

12. Lark Voorhies




What ever happened to Lisa Turtle? We all remember that cutie from Saved by the Bell. It was one of the most popular TV shows in the 90s for kids. Jessie Spano and Kelly Kapowski blossomed while Lisa took the other route and wilted. It really is hard to tell what kind of makeup look she was going for here. It looks like she went with the special edition prune Maybelline lipstick and Santa Claus’ Rosy Red Cheek foundation. It was rumored that one of her makeup artists wanted to sabotage her, but this disaster goes beyond just a makeup fail. Oh well, we will always love Lisa Turtle, Lark is a different story.

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