10 Hot Curvy Models Who Are Changing the Face of Fashion

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via therichest.com

The modeling industry has been blamed for a lot of body image issues that young girls in our generation have. There is no denying the pressure women feel from society to fit into a certain box (or pant size). The fashion industry is tough and cut-throat and has been considered one of the main reasons for women’s body issues.

However, in recent years, the standards of beauty have begun to change. “Healthy” is the new “skinny” and members of the fashion industry are all beginning to climb onto this trend. The world of modeling has started to become more open to all shapes and sizes of beauty and the world is thrilled about it.

Magazines should continue to promote women of all different body types because it truly gives off a powerful message to our youth. Most little girls buy magazines and idolize the women in them, however, most of the time these standards of beauty are not realistic, leaving these girls to turn into women with body issues.

The following ten models are beautiful, talented and plus-sized, and together, along with many other women, they are changing the face of high fashion and breaking boundaries in the industry.