10 Highest Earning Female Sports Stars – Athletic, Beautiful, and Loaded!

Men aren’t the only athletes in the world making some serious doe. There are millionaire female athletes sprinkled throughout the world as well. There’s a little thing called endorsements making them just as much if not more money than they make playing the game. The highest earners of the bunch venture into the realm of double digit millions annually, meaning they are set for life. Some of these athletes you may have heard of while others may come as a surprise. If one thing is for sure, there is one particular sport cooking up the most bacon for women.

10. Paula Creamer – Golf – $5.5 million




Country club sports are the biggest moneymakers for women. Most major sports, especially in America, are only popular for men. Mainly due to the physicality of the sport. Paula Creamer is the first and only golfer on the list. She tears it up on the course too! On the LPGA Tour, she has won a staggering 10 events. All golfers out there know how difficult it is to win even 1. Outside of the LPGA, Creamer has won 2 other tournaments during her illustrious career.

As mentioned earlier, endorsements are a big part of an athlete’s salary. Creamer has deals with Ricoh, Citizen and Bridgestone Golf. Not too shabby at all. To give you an idea of how much a golfer can bring home for winning a tournament, Creamer pocketed $210,000 at the HSBC Women’s Championships. That’s more than most people have in there life savings, and she made it in just one weekend. Currently, she is ranked #2 in the world by Women’s World Golf.