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Thailand – Do You Really Want to be Jailed for Insulting The King’s Dog?




Considered as one of East Asia’s paradises with attractive women, low cost of living and enjoyable weather, Thailand is all that and more. Only the more isn’t so nice – you can be jailed for a decade if you insult the King’s dog!

A step back to medieval times? Well, it may as well be, if Thailand is your destination of choice! Thailand can puts Royalty-loving British to shame, with their unshakeable loyalty to the crown!

Did you know there are strict laws that hand down severe penalties for insulting or even criticizing the royals? Post 2014, the laws have been expanded to include the royal pets!

In December 2015, Thanakorn Siripaiboon was presented and charged guilty for a “sarcastic” comment online about the king’s dog, named Copper. Of course, these laws are for foreigners too! In 2007, a Swiss expatriate was sent to jail for a decade because he spray-painted the king’s picture. Even the present US ambassador, Glyn Davies, is now being investigated because he criticized such “dumb” laws.