10 Expat Countries That Aren’t So Great – Here Is Why

Expats often retire to different countries for different reasons. Whether you’re trying to make millions in Hong Kong, team up with anime enthusiasts in Japan or just get away from the hustle and bustle, there’s a lot of choices out there.

Currently it’s estimated that at least 2.2 million Americans are living as expats and enjoy that lifestyle, and most wouldn’t want it to be any different. But living as an expat isn’t all nice and green, as it’s claimed to be.

Numerous expat destinations are often sinister and have a darker side. While living as an expat can be a dream, getting spun into their sinister plans could become a nightmare! If you plan on expat lifestyle, here are few countries you should stay away from.

Japan – Beware of the Justice System that Relies on Coerced Confessions

japanese expat - expatriate retirement locations you should avoid



Japan’s Homicide rate is a measly 0.3 every 100,000, which is considerably lower than 4.7 in America. Terrorism is almost nil here, and only 12 people were shot in 2013, and only 3 in 2012. While all this looks like Japan is a nonviolent, safe haven, it’s one place where the police force is brutal at best and any issues with the law will leave you begging for death!

Suspects are often treated brutally, tables are rammed into them and threatened mercilessly, and left sleep deprived. Staying silent is considered the same as accepting guilt!

On the other hand, the only way to escape the merciless onslaught is signing a confession, which can’t be retracted later – this means, they’re sentenced based on their confession. According to an estimate, at least 10% of those facing jail sentences aren’t guilty and yet, the government doesn’t want to reopen their cases!

If you have Japan on your list – think again!